Healthy, productive forests for the future

Alabama - Forest Action Plans


Reduce the rate Alabama’s forested landscapes are converted to non-forested uses


Reduce threats to the health and productivity of Alabama’s forest


Increase the suite of public benefits associated with Alabama’s forests

Forestry at the crossroads

Forestry at the Crossroads represents the concerted effort of the Alabama Forestry Commission to assess Alabama’s forest resource. Input from 33 organizations, 37 subject matter experts, and 865 individual survey responses were used to identify 216 strategies that address nine threats to the sustainability of the state’s forest resource.


Alabama’s focus is sustaining and expanding economic benefits to the state and nation through contributions of the state’s forest resources.



Alabama’s focus is conserving and increasing the state’s natural resources to achieve no net loss of forested acres.



Alabama’s focus is implementation of response strategies involving all natural resource stakeholders to address forest resource threats. This collaboration will be used to identify future trends and to keep the response strategies current and relevant.

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